I'm Zach, Bard of Doom. I'm 19, I attend Longwood University, and I post Homestuck and other things made by Andrew Hussie. I love automobiles, King of the Hill, Sonic, Pokémon, Hotline Miami, Cookie Clicker, deg deg, and Shrek. My girlfriend is basicallybro, roommate is twerking-egbert, and homeboys are rukimakino and primadokamagica. Tag me as "game bro" please otherwise I can't see it
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-The Prizes-

  • 4 kids or troll shirts from topatoco
  • 2 pairs of troll horns from korundur
  • 2 pairs of glasses from akujin
  • 2 pokemon plushes under $30 (each) from amazon
  • either a red or blue limited edition pokemon 3ds
  • a copy of pokemon x or y
  • and last but not least 6 lbs of candy!

-The Rules-

  • Must be following me (i will check— my url is subject to change keep an eye on the url that shows up above this text)
  • Reblog as much as you want; likes don’t count
  • Giveaway/sideblogs are not allowed (i will check)
  • Ask must be open and you must respond within 24 hrs otherwise i will pick a new winner

The giveaway ends April 30th

Good luck!