I'm Zach, Bard of Doom. I'm 19, I attend Longwood University, and I post Homestuck and other things made by Andrew Hussie. My main blog is rupaulsquartermile and my other sideblog is dreamworksshrek. My girlfriend is basicallybro, roommate is twerking-egbert, and homeboys are rukimakino and primadokamagica. Tag me as "game bro" please otherwise I can't see it
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I’ve gone from 69 followers to 300 in a lighting fast turn out so let’s do this!

1 Figurine: The joke is I actually don't ship this
Pick any of the figurines that you’d like and it’s at your home lickity split!

Some Stuff From WhatPumpkin: #So Lazy

We both know you’re just waiting for me to say the price I’m willing to spend and I’m really lazy? We’ll get to the price soon don’t worry about it. You know what you need to help you wait?

1 copy of 300 on either dvd or blu-ray: Fap to naked guys and girls in this classic tale of American history

Ok so wow that image is big. Guess you want me to get to the rules now right? #Wrong

Get on dem hoodies yo!: Idk if this is the last sex joke or not but wow this image here is the pinacle of my giveaway career

1 free pixel image from a me: http://budaclees.deviantart.com/gallery/

I’m not the best but I will do what I can over here

Ok enough dumb images. You guys want the rules now?
Well you shouldn’t of cause guess what the money amount was in the prizes list the whole time!


  1. Must be following me
    This is a followers giveaway after all
  2. Must reshare this post
  3. If you live outside of the U.S., or in an awkward part like Alaska, then you’ll most likely have to help pay for shipping to make it less stupid.
  4. Reblog as much as you want
  5. Likes don’t count but I’m not going to penalize if you like this
  6. No giveaway blogs, you know who you are and you know I’ll check
  7. If you send me asks and chat with me then I’ll most likely give you another spot in the running
  8. Don’t ask for gore, diaper, vore, or gross images. I’m fine with sexual stuff but you gotta remember I’m still pretty new.


  1. About $130-$150 worth of WhatPumpkin merch
  2. A copy of 300
  3. Free art

Why such a stupid high amount of money?
Because I live with my parents and a paycheck isn’t a necessity.
I may delay this giveaway if necessary, but things should go rather smoothly.

Giveaway goes from 2/4/14 - 7/4/14

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As of December 16, I have followed my 666th blog and that’s pretty exciting for me. ALSO IT’S CHRISTMAS AND IM PUMPED FULL OF THE FUCKING SPIRIT AND SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

So I’m doing a muthafuckin giveaway.

So here’s the deal. The winner gets any item(s) from any online store of their choosing worth up to ~$50 USD (if you go a couple dollars over or under it’s cool bruh) (not including shipping, etc.)




  1. Like/reblog as many times as you like, but you will still only be counted once because of how the notes work and shit, so that’s your call homie.
  2. Following me is not required. However, I am willing to go higher than the $50 spending limit up to $100 if you are following me
  3. Winner chosen by random number generator
  4. As is the case with any giveaway, you must be willing to give me your address or a P.O. box or something that mail can be delivered to and have your ask box or fan mail open.
  5. This whole shebang ends at 7:06 PM (6:66 haha yeah) EST on my birthday (June 6 hahahah yeeeeeeaaaahhhhhh) and I’ll announce the winner that night or the next day depending on how hard I party ja feel?
  6. If you win, you have 7 days after I contact you to respond before I choose a new winner.